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Areva S.A. was a French multinational group specializing in nuclear power and renewable energy headquartered in Paris, France. Before its 2016 corporate restructuring, Areva was majority-owned by the French state through the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (54.37%), Banque publique d'investissement (3.32%), and Agence des participations de l'État (28.83%). Électricité de France, of which the French government has a majority ownership stake, owned 2.24%; Kuwait Investment Authority owned 4.82% as the second largest shareholder after the French state. The company was listed at the European stock exchange Euronext.

Michael Stothard wrote in the Financial Times "The former chief executive of Areva, the French nuclear group, has been placed under formal investigation in France over her role in an ill-fated acquisition of a number of African uranium mines. Anne Lauvergeon spent the day on Friday answering questions in front of national prosecutors over whether she deliberately submitted misleading annual accounts that concealed huge writedowns on its €1.8bn investment in Uramin in 2007."


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Former Employee - Reactor Service Technician says

"Lack of work. Training is second rate."


"horrible leadership, not transparent, and promotions are near impossible"

Former Employee - Financial Analyst says

"Career Path and big salaries only for Engineers..."

Current Employee - Engineer III says

"High rate of attrition due to management incompetence, pay freezes, and local rival companies offering much higher salaries."


"French politics which translates into corporate politics"

Quality Assurance says

"Fear of senior management that young may let them go so capping talent. Worst interview practices, want someone to be “Agreeable” to them (Business as usual). Lazy administrative management manager has no idea of Quality management and not even qualified or licensed to practice various jobs under quality management vertical is actually recruiting. Very cheap people and obsolete brains."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Nuclear Industry suffering since Fukushima disaster"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Reduced US market share, downsizing, top heavy structure"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too much management, high overhead cost, ineffective sales and marketing, high billing rates, no management accountability and overlapping areas of responsibilities, employees asked to take time off without pay"

Manager says

"Poor Leadership Poor Management Poor projects Need to fire underperformers"

QC (Former Employee) says

"Where do I start... Poor management. They do not give raises other than a measley 1-2% cost of living increase. You never know if you are working the weekend until Friday, The people in charge play favorites and you will never move up in the company unless your someones lapdog. If you work on the floor youre considered less than human and shown very little to no respect. You are expected to work every weekend and put the company before your family and personal life 24/7Great people on the floorPoor management, Horrible communication"

Technicien (Current Employee) says

"Beaucoup de médisance pour nuire professionnellement. Une ambiance exécrable de faux semblant. Manque de respect total à la limite du harcèlement moral et manque de professionnalisme."

np (Former Employee) says

"Responsable trop jeune ne connais pas le métier Co.trat à la journée"

Assembler/Production (Former Employee) says

"High turnover rate. If you're not liked by one person on the permanent crew you will be talked about two others behind your back. Crew managers are backstabbers themselves. They will tell you that you are doing good in person and when it comes to evaluation they say the opposite. Working with low-level radiated material your pay rate is less than a worker at McDonald's. I would not recommend this job to anybody. There is no career path or room for growthIt could possibly get your foot in the doorTheir permanent Workforce treat Temporaries with no respect"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Low morale . Constant layoffs. Terrible environment. Do not recommend employment here. Management not good. Makes terrible choices. Very clickish. Can not depend on a career hereFree coffeeDo not recommend as a good place to work. Very clickish."


"RAS Une très bonne ambiance pour travailler. Superbe ambiance avec l'équipe."

International Projects Manager (Former Employee) says

"NA - work in France, different place and culture. What I could say about the years in France would be of little use for the an American working for AREVA in the US. To understand the difference one must first understand the culture. I can indeed explain that, but it is not appropriate in this context."

Auxiliar de Produção (Current Employee) says

"A parte mais difícil e o começo, depois que você já tem uns dias na empresa tudo passa a ser mais fácil, as amizades começam a crescer cada vez mais, e as responsabilidades também...Excelentenada a declarar"

In charge of feeding the patients. (Former Employee) says

"This place is a "Nut House" a "Looney Bin"... you've been warned.roof only leaks when it rains.everything else... minus the roof."

conseiller (Former Employee) says

"Que d'avis positifs pour cette entreprise !Des salariés qui se précipitent pour dire tout le bien qu'ils pensent de leur entreprise, et qui ne trouve aucun point négatif !Mais est-ce bien vrai ?....?????trop beau pour être vrai"

Cost controller (Former Employee) says

"Areva is an excellent company which droves me into very high calibre level from middle to senior managementAreva management is understanding the employee potentials on task basis systemgood french culture company and very established company with good job securitycannot move into other function easily and may be stick into this very long time"

Engineering Supervisor I (Former Employee) says

"Management is not what it used to be. The leaders do not talk with each other. Upper management plays favorites when deciding who to promote and who to demote."

Process Engineer/Chemical Engineer- Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Very Poor planning and management.The Core culture of the company is rotten because they carry over full time Areva employees that are incompetent and are allowed to make mistakes that would get others fired.Really I wouldn't recommend working with Areva if you have a 4 year degree or higher as a consultant or full time.Enjoyable part of the job was getting your paycheck they did pay well for the Las Vegas areayou might learn what type of company you don't want to work for, pay was reasonableto many to list, not a good company to work for is you are married and have kids"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"There has been a downward spiral in the last 5 years due to changes in management and that has rapidly accelerated over the last 2 years. Hourly employees are not treated fairly or with respect. Employees are required to work excessive overtime due to lack of planning. The integrity of management is certainly less than impeccable."

Exploration (Former Employee) says

"Good place to spend 1-2 years. They spend the time to train their employees. The culture is horrible though. You won't make it far without being in the boys club. Not sexist by any means, but differences in personalities aren't exactly... celebrated. Get out after 1-2 years. There is very little mentoring, and you'll be wasting your time if they have shown no interest in investing in you by this point."

Manaager (Former Employee) says

"French now in charge and have run the company in the ground. If it is not nsss related work they do not want it, lost all the good people. Stay away from this companyNoneLack of direction"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This place is a mess. They underbid their jobs and expect employees to work overtime without compensation. Meanwhile other employees have no work and are asked to take a pay cut. Managers are disrespectful and don't appreciate the extra time employees put in to get the job done. The pay is the only positive from this place but in the long run is not worth it. Expect a lot of travel without any notice. Also expect to pay you own way and not to get compensated for a month. Make sure you have a nice savings to afford the thousands of bucks you'll spend on the travel. They are just getting worse and veteran employees are starting to quit while they can't even get new employees to stay. I don't see how this company can stay competitive when they continue to treat their employees poorly. If you are looking for a permanent career with advancement in your future...keep looking.Pay, BenefitsInconsistent work schedule, lack of respect, travel"

Chef de projet (Current Employee) says

"Jeunes ingénieurs : fuyez. Salaires aux minima de la convention collective pour tous les "jeunes" (<35 ans). En comparaison des 50/60 ans ayant touchés 10/15% par an la fracture générationnelle est totale. L'industrie nucléaire est en déclin et les salariés en payent fortement le prix ... Le matériel informatique est obsolète ...Des collègues compétents (pour ceux qui n'ont pas déjà démissionnés ...)Société mesquine : salaire = minimum convention collective"

Procurement Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Der Standort Offenbach wird aufgelöst mit allen natürlichen Nebenwirkungen."

Responsable RH (CDD) says

"CDD de presque 15 mois en remplacement d'un CDI sur un besoin opérationnel pérenne"

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